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Arudhra Dental Care

Few people in the country would agree if we said that dental care in the country is one of the best across the globe. And yet, this exactly is the fact.

Unknown to all, each year, several foreigners flock towards the country each year in to undergo dental procedures. This exactly is the quality of dental care provided here. It reflects on the state of dental tourism that exists in the city unbeknownst to several of the people living here.

Dental treatment in India, especially Chennai is famous today! And this is a fact across the globe. One main reason for this is the low cost of dental procedures in the city. While this might not be a fact that many of us would agree to immediately, it is true. The city’s citizens are privy to much cheaper procedures even without compromising on the quality. This is especially true when we compare costs with other countries.

Arudhra Dental Care
Arudhra Dental Care is one of the top Dental Clinics in Chennai.

A procedure that would cost around 10 lakhs in Chennai is something we perceive as over the top. But what we don’t realize is that the same procedure for the same quality of treatment would cost around 40 lakhs in another country. This remains one big reason why foreign nationals tend to approach the city when it comes to dental procedures.

Now that the city has also caught up with respect to technology, this process has become even easier. Several top dental clinics in the city offer E-Consultations to their clients. Once the consultation is done, the foreigners invariably choose and prefer to come in after hearing the quote! A European was quoted saying that the dental care plus travel expenses in India was still 25% lesser than what he would have spent on just the treatment in the UK.

With the city offering several such and many more advantages, it truly is no surprise that foreign nationals prefer to fly in for their dental procedures. These dental procedures are generally cosmetic procedures or root canal treatments.

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